Name: Zhu Mengxue 

Age: 19

Dream: To be a pilot.


The scorching has melt into summer

The dust has settled down onto eyelids

The silence has poured into ears

The anxious has fallen onto lips

Bloody red sky, dark cloud

Bloody red sky, dark cloud

Bullets strikes the nidus of sun

Pieces burnt the brain of the moon

Ashes infected the cells of the air

Flames evaporated the forms of rain

Bloody red sky, dark cloud

Bloody red sky, dark cloud


Name: Gao Rui

Age: 20

Why do I love him: He likes to make a point talking about unfamiliar things in public with confidence and calm. He is serious and sincere to relationships. He respects various cultures.

My favorite part is our sparks of thought collision.

My dream: To be a great writer in China. I want to try and change or contribute to the things we don’t do well or some bad situations in our country.

Name: Wang Yang

Age: 19

Why do I love her: She is my first girlfriend. She sees me. We can share a lot of inner sides and feelings. We have a lot of intimate contacts. We get used to each other and think about each other. She is so special with her dreams.

My dream: To be a director. Because I like movies. I want to express human feelings and destinies, especially the influence time has on them and the transformation they are going through and what is more to seek. The most original meaning of human being.